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xfinity home app for android

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xfinity home app for android

Xfinity Home App For Android was working and after 2 nd tech came out to install 3rd camera we haven't been able to control our thermostat from our smart phones as we were at first and now the 3rd camera labeled left will go to right camera everytime you click on picture of which camera you want to view and the only way to view that camera is if you scroll over to and in the beginning you were able to just click on any camera to view. I completed all upgrades and removed and 're-installed but still not working. Need help
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Re: xfinity home app for android

The most recent version of the Android app includes a defect which always displays the first camera, regarldess of which camera you select. Swiping left/right will allow you to view the other cameras. We are working to release an update, which includes a fix for this.


Sorry for the inconvenience.