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Video playback under “Activity” no longer works on iOS app

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Video playback under “Activity” no longer works on iOS app

As of about version 9.6, playback of the 15-second video clips that are recorded under “Activity” based on my Automation rules no longer works. The videos ARE still being recorded based on the rules, and I can play them under Activity on a desktop/laptop browser, but none of the videos play back in the iOS app anymore. Major bug.

Reproduction steps:

1. Under Automation, I’ve verified I still have rules set up to record a video from my Entryway cam when the front door is opened, the Backyard cam when the back door is opened, and the Garage cam when the garage door is opened.

2. When I trigger one of these rules, I can verify a few moments later that a video has been added under my Activity tab in the app.

3. If I open the video, I just get a blank screen with a play button and a 0:00 clip (see attached screen shot). This happens in the app on both iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2. It shows a thumbnail unique to the clip in the Activity tab, but the videos themselves never play.

4. If I log into, I’m able to play the same videos just fine.

I’ve called customer service and no one there seems to have a clue. Went through all the standard troubleshooting steps, but this is obviously an issue with video playback ON THE APP. The bug is with your XFINITY HOME APP, not the system itself. The cameras all work, the Touchscreen works, etc.

Hopefully someone here can help or contact the right people on your technical team. Please acknowledge if this is a known bug and if not, when there will be a fix.

Thank you!
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Re: Video playback under “Activity” no longer works on iOS app


dgdancker, I can reach out to the tech repair team to look into this. Please send me a private message with your full name and account phone number so I can help. 

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Re: Video playback under “Activity” no longer works on iOS app

dgdancker --


Thank you for reaching out & providing details about what you are experiencing.  We are working on a fix for this issue that will be included in an upcoming release.