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text messages disappearing within Connect app and online

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text messages disappearing within Connect app and online



I use the texting feature in the Connect app frequently, and all of a sudden as of the day before yesterday most of the text threads from the past 8-10 months have all disappeared.  As of now, I only see three threads with messages last sent in January 2018, one from April, and one from July, and then one text that I got this morning.  And the text that I got this morning was from someone that I previously had a text thread going with over the past few weeks, but this new text  from that person this morning is in a new thread (so it seems like those texts from the previous thread are just gone now, for some reason).


I generally use my iPhone to access the Connect app to use the texting feature, but I'm seeing the same texts (and not seeing the same other texts) when I log in using my desktop computer.  However, when I use my Android tablet to access the Connect app, there are some texts there that I don't see on my iPhone or desktop, and some texts on the iPhone and desktop that are not on the Android.  It's still like 95% of this year's texts that are missing on the Android, but it's just curious that there are some differences between the few Android texts that are left, and the ones on the other devices.


But in any event, there are a LOT of texts that are missing; there were at least several dozen threads (totalling hundreds of individual messages, I'm sure) that were visible in the Connect app a few days ago that haven't been visible for at least the past two days.


Can this be fixed, or are those texts just gone forever now?





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Re: text messages disappearing within Connect app and online

And just to note: I have logged out of the Connect app, deleted the app and reinstalled it, and I still get the same result.