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bookmarks/favorites vanished

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bookmarks/favorites vanished

My bookmarks/favorites have vanished from my header bookmark bar and from the "other bookmark" header folder.  How do I get them back?

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Re: bookmarks/favorites vanished

Hi mcleanb1,   I'm assuming that you are using a pc and the Chrome browser.  If so, this might help.  Just a note, I've "lost" folders and bookmarks too.   

Click the 3 vertical dots above the other bookmarks--  go down to Bookmarks --  Open the Bookmarks Manager---  Under the Folders column,  open and inspect folders for the "lost" item.  DON'T RUSH..  If and when you find that item, move it to where it belongs.    added** it will more than likely be the last item in a folder **

Hope this helps.  Good Luck,

ciao, bj

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