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Xfinity mobile app on Android

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Xfinity mobile app on Android

Hi just curious if anyone else is having issues with the Xfinity mobile app. It currently does not refresh any of the data I use on my phone. The app does claim that it refreshes every 20 minutes. Last month it said I used 11.7 gigs. I checked my actual data on my phone and it said I used 16 gigs so it stopped refreshing after some time last month. Any ways to fix it?
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Re: Xfinity mobile app on Android


Abronson91, there can sometimes be some difference between what your device reports as usage and what we report. 


Usage on the app isn't in real time, but it is close to it. You can use the app to set up notifications for data usage as well. From what I can tell here, it may not be an app refresh issue. It sounds like we are reporting fewer data usage than your device is reporting.