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Xfinity Connect on Android sent email issue

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Xfinity Connect on Android sent email issue

   When I send an email using the Xfinity Connect app (v7.5.3) on my Droid Turbo 2 phone,  it shows up in my SENT folders on phone, on the website app and on my iPad Connect app BUT it FAILS to show up in my desktop Outlook 2013 SENT folder.  Sending from the website app and from my iPad's Connect app BOTH show up in my Outlook 2013 AND in my phone's Connect SENT folder!  Sending from my Outlook 2013 shows up in my phone's SENT folder fine.

   Anyone else noticing or able to replicate this?  I've reported it to the app developers as an issue and waiting for a response.

Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)