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WiFi hotspots in D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore

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WiFi hotspots in D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore

Is there a reliable way to use Xfinity WiFi hotspots in major cities like D.C or Annapolis?  I've tried to connect to what apperas to be an XfinityWiFi using my login credential; however, it keeps denying me.  I have Xfinity Hotspot app on my phone, but it looks like all it does it tells me where the hotspots are.  Or does it even do that?  I think it shows where there's any Xfinity router; some are residential, some commercial, and some maybe for hotspot use.  I appreciate any insight this forum has to offer.




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Re: WiFi hotspots in D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore

Hello @nushic. I can assist you with your XFINITY hotspot questions and concerns. 


You can use our site to find a hotspot near you:


If you are getting an error while trying to log in, that particular hotspot could be experiencing issues and we can help check on that. 


If you cannot login to any hotspots, please try to manually sign into an XFINITY hotspot using the WiFi settings of your mobile device and selecting the SSID: "xfinity wifi" and from there try to enter your username credentials. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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Re: WiFi hotspots

I Have recently tried to log in to a xfinity hotspot in NJ  around my town & have same problem.. no app on my phone just try to log on when the xfinity wifi comes up put in my credentials & says they are wrong but they are not!