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Voice2go / assigned virtual phone number = problems from the start

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Voice2go / assigned virtual phone number = problems from the start

It took us over 3 weeks and several calls to customer service to finally get the voice2go service 'working' but I am still having issues. I try to verify what we have on the website, but depending on what I am logged in under (main account / second [fully authorized] account) I am getting conflicting info.  


Problem 1:

Signed in as the main account, I can go to my account/settings/voice/voice2go, yet when I login under my name (second [fully authorized] account) I can only get as far as account/settings/voice... there is no voice2go area. The second account was created cuz we were told that the voice2go will automatically associate to our home phone number to the app, not the separate virtual number that xfinity assigned to us under the voice2go area. Ok fine, so now I have the second login that the virtual number is associated to, yet when trying to find the voice2go under that login, it isnt there. UGH.


Problem 2:
Do voice2go virtual phone numbers come with voicemail? the phone number 720-475-1947 and is a virtual number we set up for my son, but every time we call it, we get the message "Mail box you are trying to reach is not in service. goodbye." I was under the impression that virtual numbers came with voicemail. Why is this not working?


Problem 3:
Your website is royally messed up. Depending on what screen I am on, I could see "Welcome Frank!" (my husband/main account person) or "Welcome Victoria!" (me, secondary [fully authorized] user), or get this... "Welcome guest!"  (wth? LOL!)


Is there anyone that is there that can do a total audit of our account on the website cuz this is frustrating.