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Voice2Go calls being displayed on all users devices

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Voice2Go calls being displayed on all users devices

Something happened in the past few weeks that is really upsetting us. We have made no changes to any setting on our end.


We have 4 different users on our Xfinity Account. Each user is logged into the Xfinity Connect app using their own unique username/password, specific to that person. We have 4 numbers in Voice2Go, each assigned to a different user. Previously, anytime someone called one of the Voice2Go numbers, it would only ring on the person's device who was logged in as that user at the time.


Within the past three weeks or so, this has now changed, such than any call received on any user's device, will also ring everyone else's device as well. Not only that, each user is able to select each other users' call history, voicemail, and the like using the drop down at the top of the app. We are 100% logged in to our correct account, not all on the same user account, and this is verified when we do test calls from a 5th line to any one of the 4 user Voice2Go numbers - it rings on all of them. It also displays on our Television downstairs.


It seems as though Comcast has grouped everyones Voice2Go numbers into one global user, and now anyone who logs into their own user account, is suddenly part of this group user and is able to see/use any Voice2Go number that they want. When we verify our settings on the app, we can see that there is no Call Forwarding to any other number but our own individual user number. When we log onto My Account website, it shows all four of our numbers being assigned to different users.


What gives?