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Text message problems with Connect app


Text message problems with Connect app

When I send text messages using the Xfinity Connect app, I experience the following problems:

1. Sometimes the text keeps getting sent over and over. My son complains that he gets the same text many times.

2.  The text gets broken into 2 or more texts and are incomplete.


Also, I went to the help in the connect settings and it said I was denied permission, I attached a screenshot of the error message.


I am hoping someone can help me.




Re: Text message problems with Connect app

I have same issues and cannot get anyone to assist.

Several persons have posted about problems with connect and will get many views (way over 100!) but no resolution.

It infuriated recipients.

I'm afraid to use the app now (maybe that's the point...Offer a great feature to get new customers but don't fix the problems with it but by the time anyone TELLS you they are ready to block you, you're already neck deep with Xfinity service).

Only thing that makes any iota of sense (nonsense, that is) to me.

If not for Connect, due to the bizarre modem set up and the fact they illegally snipped my land line (so I can't GET anyone else to provide service!), I'd drop them.


Re: Text message problems with Connect app

Why is this an accepted solution? There is no solution. 


Re: Text message problems with Connect app

I know. I didn't see any solution.

As a matter of fact, I know it's got to be pure coincidence, but since posting the issue has escalated to a downright RIDICULOUS degree.

I'm pondering downloading an SMS app of some kind but so darn many apps give me a headache.

The Connect app is all neat and tidy but the text is just driving me nuts.

Connect is the main reason I keep Xfinity but since it's driving me nuts...I don't know.

I don't have too many options either as because the technician illegally snipped my landline, I can't ever get it back!

It's almost like it was done to ensure one can't leave Xfinity. 😶