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Managing e-mail on Xfinity server and APPS with Outlook


Managing e-mail on Xfinity server and APPS with Outlook

Background...Since Microsoft brought Windows 7 to its EOL, I just upgraded/updated the primary PC I use day-in & day-out at home with some newer hardware and Windows 10. It took some doing, but I was FINALLY able to get Outlook 2010 configured exactly how I want it in terms of my mailboxes and data files.


Situation...I sometimes access e-mail on my iPad Air or iPhone with the Xfinity Connect APP and also on my laptop via Outlook. After checking e-mail on the iPad/iPhone, the messages would remain in the Inbox until I accessed Outlook on my Primary PC, and then the next time I accessed e-mail on the iPad/iPhone, the Inbox would "self purge". Since the upgrade, neither of my Apple devices no longer does that, i.e., the Inbox messages are intact and I have to manually delete them. On the laptop, the Inbox never purged itself, so I had to ALWAYS manage the Inbox manually.


Desired Outcome...if/when I access e-mail on my iPad, iPhone, or laptop, and once I pull those messages down to my primary PC at home via Outlook, I would like for the Inbox to purge itself the next time I access e-mail on any of those other devices. Also, it would appear that e-mails I sent from my home PC are being downloaded to the SENT folder on my iPad and iPhone.....I don't want that to happen.


I know it might be tricky on the laptop with another Outlook profile, but what about the Xfinity Connect APP? What settings in either the APP or online with Xfinity Web Mail or in Outlook am I missing to where the desired outcomes outlined above occur?


Thanks for any and all input!!