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Kindle Fire HD 8

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Kindle Fire HD 8

Is the Connect App ever going to be ported to the Kindle Fire?  I have this AMAZING tablet but I can't use my Comcast account on it at all because you haven't made apps that can work on the Kindle OS version of Android.  It shouldn't be that difficult to make a Kindle port from the Android apps that you already have.  Please make good on your promises of "Any Device, Any Screen, Anywhere" and make a version of your Connect, TV, and My Account apps that actually work on Kindle Fire Tablets.


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Re: Kindle Fire HD 8

Yep, same issue on my Kindle Fire HD 7" 2nd Gen.... Xfinity Connect stopped working yesterday. No new emails, and no new Xfinity or Kindle software to fix it. Note last night while using it was no longer will work on legacy systems and something about Android 4 , I think. Just checked, no new updates for either. This is total BS. FRD