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Import Outlook 2010 Contacts


Import Outlook 2010 Contacts

I've searched online for this and tried to use the Import function with the web mail app, but my contacts would not import.


I have Outlook that was installed with Micorosoft Office 2010.  I'm simply trying to import the contacts I have in Outlook into the Address Book of my Xfinity web mail account in the hopes those will be available on my iPad when I'm using the Xfinity Connect app.


Has anyone been successful doing this?  Like I said, the automated "Import Contacts" function in the web mail Address Book does nothing.







Xfinity utlilizes ShuttleCloud to transfer their e-mail and address book data.  The link to Import contacts on Xfinity's Web Mail page under Address Book apparently points to the incorret URL.  Through searching other message boards for this same issue, I found a response from someone who works for ShuttleCloud that provided the correct URL to access the transfer function.  Once I used that link, the import of my address book went smooth as a baby's bottom.


I hope this helps someone in the future, as I got ZERO help from Xfinity.