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Don't call to move your service if you like access to your vm, text and phone

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Don't call to move your service if you like access to your vm, text and phone

On December 23rd scheduled to have my Comcast service moved to my new house on January 14th. The next day they called to finish the transfer arrangement.  During that call they said they have to give me a new account number for the new address. I asked so the account number is not my account number but rather tied to the the physical house?  Seemed odd to not just move/transfer the address on the existing account, like most every other company does.  


On Christmas I notice that I could no longer access my voicemail, texting or the dialer function from online or via the app.  I called the next day and after getting through to the second line support it was resolved.  Well so I thought.  The next day I woke up to the same issue.  I this time tried the chat service, Where I was told it was a browser issue and related to my cache and cookies.  WHAT!?!  I request for him to stop wasting my time and have the tech support person call me.  When they did I again went though the basic troubleshooting with the first phone rep until he finally transferred me to the tech support.  Again they claimed they fixed the problem until today (the 28th) again is's back to no access.  So I called once more time and after the same drill getting the tech support person after a bunch of keyboard clicks and putting me on hold to confirm with a colleague they can back and told me that it's the system and it can be changed until I move. Then it will work automatically.  Wait, I'm confused if you cant figure out how to make it work for people with future moves  what makes you think it will work when I actually move? I have ZERO confidence it will work on the 14th when I move. 

The other option they gave me was to cancel my install and call in the change after I move.  OK but then I will loose my appointment for the technician to came out and install everything?  Right?  Yes.  So I guess my options are live with it not working or it cancel my move order and not have any service immediatly after I move. Nice!


Seems like a real basic business need and some how Comcast has totaly $crewed it up.  



So if your moving don't call Comcast before you move if you want access to all of your phone and online features.  

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Re: Don't call to move your service if you like access to your vm, text and phone

Hi ddelrosso. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you need help getting the provisioning corrected so you can use your online features, I can help. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account. 

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Re: Don't call to move your service if you like access to your vm, text and phone

That is frustrating! What really gets me is the monopoly they have with their claim to being number one in the business yet something that would seem to be a simple fix for their tech savvy technicians they can't fix until x y z happen