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"Sorry, we've run into a problem."

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"Sorry, we've run into a problem."



I am a new X1 customer and I'm having frequent issues streaming tv on my computer.  I can stream without issues on a mobile device, and occasionally I can stream on my computer (seems random), but most of the time I get the following error when trying to open the channel listing:












Obviously I've tried the suggestion on the error screen, but nothing changed.  I get the same error message on multiple computers, different OS, and different browsers, which leads me to believe that the issue is not on my end. 

I found a similar thread here "Not able to watch tv onlne" but it was locked and no solution was suggested. 

Some assistance would be appreciated. 

Thank you.


p.s.  Whoever came up with the funny text in the Comcast error messages must have a sense of humor.  "When you sign back in it'll be fixed.  Ready?"  :-)  It certainly builds up the tension and raises my expectations... the first 100 times I saw it.  I am SO ready for it to be fixed. 

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Re: "Sorry, we've run into a problem."


As a side note, I realized that I probably should have posted this issue under "XFINITY Stream Website" in the TV section of the forum.  Maybe a moderator can move it there, if necessary. 


Here is an update to my issue.  The error message in the original post (ftde.provision.accountMismatch) occurred when I tried opening the tv listing.  For the last couple of days I've been able to open the tv listing, but now I'm getting a different error message when I hit 'play' on any of the channels. 


"Subscription to This Channel Required
A subscription is required to watch this channel.
Please call 1-800-XFINITY to add it to your service."


and I get two different error codes on the last line of the error message:

(Error TVAPP-00203)  or  (Error player.startExternalTveLinearStream.403.403-12)

I get one of them on some channels and the other one on the rest.  It seems random.                         

error 2 Subscription to This Channel Required.pngerror 3 (Error player.startExternalTveLinearStream.403.403-12).png










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Re: "Sorry, we've run into a problem."

Hi jw1111!


I can assist you. I've just replied to your private message. Please reply at your convenience and I can continue to investigate. this.