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nfl redzone

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nfl redzone

When I signed up for Comcast, I purchased the sports package to obtain the NFL Redzone channel.  I asked the agent if I would have the availability to stream the redzone channel, and ofcourse I was told yes.  I found out later, when trying to stream, that the ONLY channels you can stream are channels offered on the TV-GO, which ofcourse the Redzone or any other networks that offer football games live(CBS,NBC,FOX, ESPN) are included with the TV-GO.  The only wat you can stream, is when you are connected to your home WIFI Network, which I do not understand why anyonw who was at home already, would want to stream anything, because you could just watch the games or shows on your TV, because your at home!! 

Since finding this out, I have read many forums and complaints from other customers of Comcast, some going back 2-3 years ago, all complaining about the same thing, and yet no resoluton has yet to come.  I also feel that I pay money to comcast for a service, and have been steered by the comcast sales team in a direction that was not true.  I do not understand why comcast does not have a contract with the NFL Network.  I get that is has to benefit both parties, so please do not give me that same comment  that has been given to so many other customers. 


What the management/owners of comcast must take into consideration is that many customers of comcast and the NFL would benefit from doing business together, that is why so many other tv/cable companies have a contract and do business together.  Comcast should really make this contract happen so they could benefit from it as well, and to also please their loyal customers and give back to the people who have helped thier company become what it is today. 


But I am sure as I am typing this Comcast is probabaly saying blah, blah, blah, who cares....and that is sad to me, because with nothing happening to show your customers that you care about them, why should any of us stay with comcast??

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Re: nfl redzone

Hello m-story, I understand where you are coming from but we don't have an agreement with the networks for you to view the content outside of your home network at this time. The good news is we do listen to our customers, please click on this link to provide your feedback so that this concern can be addressed and considered in the near future.