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available to watch in home only

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available to watch in home only

Since we've used Comcast (Xfinity), I've been able to watch all channels on my laptop, iPad & phone while in home. Recently, most channels are marked "in home only".

1) I am in home

2) I've rebooted my router

3) I've rebooted my computer

4) I've tried various browsers

I get the same results... What gives? Why is this happening? I've seen other posts that mention various band-aid fixes that are really not fixes. I have not seen posts that actually solve the problem. How can I fix this please?

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Re: available to watch in home only

I have had this same issue for over a year now.  The support folks are simply unable to fix it permanently.


In my case, I have Comcast residential service for TV and phone...but I have Comcast Business class for internet.  They are simply not capable of linking the residential TV service to the Business class Internet service.  So, even when I am "at home"...trying to stream over the Business class interent...I am unable to watch "In Home" shows.  It will suddenly start to work for a week or so...then go right back.


For example, it has been out now for nearly 2 full weeks...I have tried Comcast tech Support, Forum support...but they simply cannot get it to work.  It's unbelievable. I pay this company more than $300/month and receive awful servcie. 


So, if you have Business Class for your can just forget the streaming TV...


Dr Gary