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XfinityStream Catastrophic Error: 102100.5

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XfinityStream Catastrophic Error: 102100.5

Build number384
OSWindows 10
BrowserChrome 60.0.3112.113
Flash version27.0.0
Statusin home
Entitlements tve-linear, cdvr, clinear, cvod, tve-vod, est
Last fingerprint cloudtv_web_polymer_4.5.1_prod_1506044286119_64514
Stream provider primetime
Video ID V1443052702550441472L200601500922010017
Media ID comcast:dvr:schedule:V1443052702550441472L200601500922010017
Error code 102100.5
Error description Loading of the specified resource has failed
Error aux info ProviderLIFEDVideo Sources:VideoObject/RecordingVideo TitleModels Off Duty


I've had this 102100.5 error on a number of episodes this week from my PC, which work fine on the actual DVR. More troublesome, I opened another show (Broad City) which I had recorded, and it forced me to restart my computer. Despite opening on a half-screen app, the entire screen went static and the audio began playing. I was not able to regain control of the system, whether through ctrl-alt-del, minimizing the program, or switching desktops. I was forced to reboot.


Upon further testing, I can close the app using alt-f4.


This system used to work for me, and now it appears I can no longer watch anything on my PC. This is frustrating, clearly.

Error screen.PNG
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Re: XfinityStream Catastrophic Error: 102100.5

There are other threads refering to this error, some have solutions.