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What did you do?

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What did you do?

Have you noticed how many of the problems written about here are dated Match 17/18?
I have been chatting and everything has been restarted, shut down, replaced that can be done on line and I still cannot stream now someone had to come to my house. I think xfinity should look at the changes in online programming that were made instead of wasting our time and your reps time. I think maybe by making us think we are just a few you can avoid giving us credit for your mistake.
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Re: What did you do?



Sorry to hear about the experience you're having with the Stream app. We are aware of a known issue in the Northeast region that is affecting streaming. I would like to check your account to see if this could be related. Can you please verify your first and last name, and the phone number or account number associated with your services in a private message? 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.