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Watching Programming on your home network away from home

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Watching Programming on your home network away from home

I am getting fed up with the lies that exists in their advertising.  I travel a lot and presently, I am in Tampa.  Xfinity advertises everywhere that you can watch whatever you watch at home on the road while traveling.  For the last couple of years, I have tried without any success to watch the Miami Heat online through their portal.  I get this insane message that I can only watch on my inhome network.  That is the most stupid response that I have ever seen.  I have no problems watching any program while at home on my home network.  What I do not understand is how are you suppose to access your home network while on the road away from home.  Mybe if they publish those instructions, things would be better.  I know they exists because one of their reps gave them to me one night a couple of years ago, although he told me that he was not suppose to. This is so misleading because you pay a lot of money for access to the best programming only to have them lie to you. I am challenging Comcast to make good on their promises or else they will lose a lot of customers starting with me.  

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Re: Watching Programming on your home network away from home

Hello @samwhines


You mentioned you have no problem watching live programs when on your home network, but when you are traveling and away from home, you are not able to view certain programs. 


While in the home, content is delivered as a cable service over Comcast's managed IP network, and includes your full live TV channel lineup and all of your XFINITY On Demand choices. Although more than 200 live TV channels and over 40,000 On Demand movies and shows are available outside of the home over the Internet, certain content is not currently available. Use the Available Out of Home filter in the XFINITY Stream app or portal to easily identify streaming options available when you are not at home. Streaming and downloading of content when outside of the United States is not allowed due to limitations on rights by content providers.


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