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Video Quality is poor

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Video Quality is poor

I can easily stream 4k HDR content off Xbox Live, Google, Netflix or Amazon so my connection which is 250Mbps downstream is the best i can get in my area, its also pretty low latency with an average ping of 86ms from across the country on a non comcast server and speed test almost always show me getting speeds im supposed to.  I can even stream 4k HDR content from Youtube.


Then i try to watch either HD OnDemand or DVR content from Comcast and the quality is awful.  It looks very low bitrate so its full of artifacts and reminds me of netflix when it 1st launched streaming HD video years ago.


Can we please get a quality boost in these streams or perhaps a change in the codec being used because the quality is not very good no matter when i use it and no matter what option i choose to stream from.  Ive honestly seen 480p streams with less artifacting and loss of detail and thats with fast motion video not sitcoms where there is very little movement.