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Timeline for HTML5 Support

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Timeline for HTML5 Support



I was wondering if anyone from Comcast had a timeline as to when we'll see the transition from flash to HTML5 for the online streaming service. I understand DRM is an issue, however, after analyzing traffic through the Xfinity Stream app on a jailbroken iphone (bypassed SSL pinning)...I've noticed a platform is already in place to handle HTML5 DRM. The only confirmation so far has been from this post saying this transition will occur in "early 2018":


I understand that migrating a video platform hosting content from various media companies is easier said than done. However, it would be great if Comcast can provide at least some input as to when we will see this. I personally do not want flash installed on my system and this is the only dependency I have that still utilizes it. Also, maybe integrating UserVoice would provide an effective way to provide customers with helpful updates regarding issues such as well as a platform for customers to provide input y'all might find helpful. Just a thought. 


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Re: Timeline for HTML5 Support

Finally a discussion that hasn't been closed by Comcast. You mention streaming using an iPhone. I can stream using the xfinity Stream iOS app so Comcast already has everything in place to host and stream their content they just need to create a macOS version of their iOS app and let people use it. With an authenticated macOS app they should be able to handle all the DRM they are or aren't using in the iOS app. Actually, why don't they take their iOS code and build for macOS? I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult to do. I am not against running xfinity Stream from an app instead of a browser, I just want to run it without Flash and want to do it now. I am a Comcast customer and have a right to view these shows so let me view them without Flash.