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On-line guide is To Be Announced

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On-line guide is To Be Announced

Not X1 DVR  MOTO type - support reset/plugout-in both fail to populate much of anything beyond ~ 9AM 1/1/18 except for some channels in the 675 - 712 range.  Occasionally a program will fill in a name a day or two out, but is exception, not norm.  Also, does not have the TV Guide logo on the TV Listings page.  Also, unable to locate an option that access the timezone/zip code feture of the listing display to force a reload from the DVR

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Re: On-line guide is To Be Announced

Hi Thomastr,  Happy New Year!, that being said, have you considered using  -   ?   I hate when my guide on the TV resets and ToBeAnnounced is displayed.  

At least you'd have an accurate listing of what offerings are out there.  

This would be a setup on your computer.

It takes a bit of time to set up Zap2it to your timezone and choices, but I find it well worth it.  I've been using it for years.

Good Luck, ciao, bj