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MLB Extra Inning / Stream App

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MLB Extra Inning / Stream App

I purchased the MLB package again this year. I also have every available premium channel.

What I have found and extremely frustrating is that I cannot watch MLB Extra Innings anywhere except my home network. "This content can only be view from home network". I can watch every other channel without an issue, including live sporting events, NFL Redzone, Games recorded with DVR. 

The point of have having a streaming app and Extra Inning is so I don't miss the games when I'm away from home. Even on an Xfinity wifi at a frieds house it will not play. When I'm at home why would I stream that channel when I can watch on a big screen. 

Is this a know issue? Is it a legal contract issue with MLB? I have called many times research on my own and I have been unable to get an answer. This doesn't appear to be a MLB contract issue because the error message is generated by Comcast - not a MLB Blackout message. Even looking into MLB contracts with other content providers I can not find a reason for this not to work. Any help better understanding why this is would be greatly appreciated.