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Limit shows on stream tv app

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Limit shows on stream tv app

Who else is sick and tired of xfinity cutting costs by not renewing contract with the major apps like NICK and Paramount for example, making paying customers loose the ability to watch shows they are paying for. Then turn around and say watch them on the stream tv app. Well you have 3 episodes of out of 100+ so if that is your recommandation fix your app and add more content. The other answer is to use a DVR. Im not paying any more money to you for a DVR. You already made me increase my tv plan to keep spike/paramount back in january by removing it from the starter package making me now pay more for the next package up. Then now i cant watch half the shows because you do this stuff. You are lucky i have no other internet option where i live currently but the second we move you better believe i am switching and wont turn back. Resign you contacts with these other apps or do your job and properly add the content to your app before telling people to use that trash.
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Re: Limit shows on stream tv app


Hi Dahrkcloud, I understand that you desire to watch certain content that may not be available. It is up to the networks that air's the content to post it on demand or on your TVGo section of the app. If you would like to see more content added to your lineup for a specific network please reach out to them directly and request it.