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Flash crash

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Flash crash

I know that it's been asked (and "resolved") before --but I need a simple and permanent fix for the streaming TV Flash crashes, specifically in Chrome

My entire browsing freezes, and even Flash is getting rid of Flash in two years' time; Comcast/Xfinity needs to hurry up and migrate

In the meantime, I want a fix --I've tried all of the suggestions here and elsewhere to no avail; I need this to work, and right away

If it matters: I'm on a Mac

P.S.: my service plan is up for renewal this summer; Comcast should consider itself a candidate for renewal and not by any means a sure thing...

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Re: Flash crash

Well, aparently Comcast,/Xfinity Doesn't care that Flash is no longer functional in any real sense. They are going to use the Digital Rights Management software by Adobe, that requires the Use of Flash. They don't care that Flash has been causing Data Security Conflicts For their Customers.


They consider it the Customer's fault that people are not using Software that is not considered functionally secure.

The only browsers that still seems to support flash is Internet Ixplorer, and Opera. Explorer is being discontinued by Microsoft, and Adobe itself is Discontinuing support for Flash.


Personally I think that the Data Security team, needs to go scream at the Digital Rights Managemment team, not that think it will help....


(Can we go back to Analog, and Broadcast TV? at least when that failed something to fix it would be done promptly.)

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Re: Flash crash

All of that

And yet --we persist