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XiD-C IR Location

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XiD-C IR Location

I have searched, read the post listing models and yellow boxes indicating IR reciever locations but also conflicting information indicating the IR location is on the left in line with the HDMI input, not the right as indicated in the picture.

Are all the XiD's the same? I know there is an XiD-P as well as the model I have, XiD-C.


I need to stick an IR reciever on top of the sensor location itself, I don't have a blaster.


An actual picture would be nice.


Thank you.


Re: XiD-C IR Location

I can't find an XiD-C.  Can you post a picture of the label?

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Re: XiD-C IR Location

Does anyone know where is the IR receiver located on a XiD-P, I need to controll it with a 3rd party control system. I need to stick an IR extender right on the Receiver of the XiD-P.

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