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Xfinity & Insignia TVs

Hello ~


A litte less than a year ago I purchased a 50-inch Insignia (Model # NS-50D510NA19) and I also have Xfinity cable service. Shorlty after Xfinity installed everything, I noticed that the sound track and the picture was off on the TV, every show is like an old Kung Fu movie. I called Xfinity and they sent a tech out, he monkeyed around and eventually he said that it is a known issue with Insignia TV's.


I have never heard of this and have not found anything online regarding this and just wanted to know if anyone else has actually ever had this problem?

The only way to fix it is to reboot the box and then it's only temporary, it immediately starts to get off track again and just keeps getting worse and worse as every minute goes by.


Any info is greatly appreciated!


And I apologize in advance if I posted this to the wrong place.


Thank you!