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Xfinity TV is horrible compared to other services

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Xfinity TV is horrible compared to other services

I've had DirecTV for the last 10 years, but recently we moved and because DirecTv's customer service had gone down hill, I decided to give Comcast (Xfinity) a try. I am very disappointed with Xfinity. You would think that cable TV would be much better than a TV signal that comes from a satellite, but in this case you would be wrong.


Xfinity TV is glitchy, randomly pauses for a split second, sound cuts in and out and has many other problems that I rarely experienced with DirecTV. Why do I only have ten minutes to get back to a show I pause on Demand before it kicks me out of that show and back to regular TV? It would'nt be so bad if I could just resume my show, but most of the time when I go to resume the show, it starts it at the beginning again.


Why when I pause a show on TV or Demand, when I push play it always takes a second or two for the sound to return? Why when fast forwarding and then hitting play does the show continue for a second or two before actually playing? Same thing for pause, I hit pause and it takes a second or two before it actually pauses. 


The Xfinity menu is a mess. Why do I have duplicate channels for everything? I have an HD TV and really only want HD channels. I realize that there are some stations that do not have HD and so you can only get them in low def, but I do not want an entire menu of low def channels that I have to scroll through. With DirecTV most of the movie channels were HD, with a few being low def. With Xfinity it is the other way around, most of the channels are low def with only a few being HD. Why is that? I ordered the HD package, but it doesnt feel very HD to me.


The remote control is also terrible. I have had Xfinity for about 5 months now and have gone through three sets of batteries. My suspicion is that everytime you touch the remote a light comes on so that you can better see it and this is really great in the dark, but I feel like it is draining the batteries quicker. DirecTV solved this issue by having a bigger remote control with bigger buttons that were laid out much better than Xfinities tiny remote. The controls for DirecTV were more responsive and their remote allowed you to do much more, such as pausing and then pushing a button to slowly move the screen forward. I used that all the time to see things I wouldn't otherwise to be able to see. But with Xfinity, forget it, even when you do hit pause, it will rarely pause on the spot you are trying to capture. 


I thought for sure Xfinity TV would be better than something shooting down from outerspace, but that is simply not the case. I am signed into a two year contract, but as soon as that is up, I am heading straight back to DirecTV, bad customer service and all.