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XRE-10007 Error Problem workaround

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XRE-10007 Error Problem workaround


Few days ago I upgraded my Xfinity service from only Internet to both Internet & TV. I got an x1 DVR box and two wireless Xi5-P devices. Note, that I have an owned router-modem as wireless gateway instead of the Xfinity modem.

The main x1 DVR box works flawlessly with both TV and OnDemand, the problem came up after I setup the Xi5-Ps and went straight to watch TV, an error XRE-10007 showed up everytime I turned the devices on, I was able to open the guide but whenever I moved to another channel the error showed up.

I restarted everything as suggested and then it falls into a loop, the error shows up again and asked me to restart over and over. I've tried everything in my hands with no success.

I contacted the support team and his resolution was that, it was my router-modem device as it is not compatible with the Xi5-P devices. So, I was about to accept it and request the Xfinity modem, but...

While still having the conversation with the support team, I was playing around and I tried to open the On Demand and play something, and it worked! When I exit the On Demand my TV service was working fine. I mentioned to the support team at that moment and then he countered saying that the problem were the cables. They told me they were gonna ship me new cables and the modem with a modest $13 plus shipping charge for it! So amazing as it the first day of service.

Now, I have had the service for 5 days and every morning I turn on my TV, in order to be able to watch TV I have to use the same work around, play something on demand and then exit.

Is this something really related to the modem? If so, why does it work once I access to OnDemand? I was planning to go to the store and borrow a modem, try out and see if it is really the problem and it my words or something else my setup.

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Re: XRE-10007 Error Problem workaround

You need a specific Xfinity supplied modem/router in order for the X1 wireless boxes to work.
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Re: XRE-10007 Error Problem workaround

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Re: XRE-10007 Error Problem workaround

If your home is wired with coax you will be better off swapping out the xi5 boxes for xid boxes instead.  They have be hooked to comcast via coax.  Also, note that you will need a moca filter somewhere before any splitters (such as by having a moca filter ground block).  You may already have a moca filter.  Check your house box outside.  Google moca filter to learn what it is.  It is necessary for your X1 system to work right. 


By getting the Xid boxes instead you will not have to rent a modem from Comcast.