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XFINITY 4K BOX AUDIO OUTPUT---zone 2--see below

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XFINITY 4K BOX AUDIO OUTPUT---zone 2--see below

Re: Xfinity 4K XG1v4 Cable Box Audio Output
@Fabianv wrote:

Unaware that Xfinity offered a 4K capable cable box... I just upgraded to the 4K XG1v4 DVR cable box from the old XG1. I have Control4 Smart Home System throughout my home. The old cable box had RCA audio out ports, which ran to the Control4 system. The new XG1v4 box doesn't have any RCA ports, let alone any audio out ports... Has anyone ran into this problem or know of a solution for this? 

that is really older and deprecated technology.  if you are just using stereo (not 5.1 audio or better) you can put an HDMI audio breakout box

and use a cable

to hook up to your audio system. if you are using the TV's built in speakers or receiver/soundbar for audio that is not what you want/need.


I have a Yamaha RX-V667 AV receiver that powers audio/stereo for Zone 1 & 2.  Zone 1 is used for 5 Bose speakers in the den and the volume is located on the Yamaha AV receiver (4K Samsung TV with Xfinity 4k box). Zone 1 works great. 
My problem is Zone 2 which provides sound to the rest of our home (ceiling speakers in bedrooms, baths and outside speakers).  In order to power zone 2 we have an amplifier and a selector box for 12 speakers. Our problem is the new Xfinity box is digital and has no audio plugs (the old box from Dish had audio in/out plugs).  We purchased a 4K x 2K HDMI to HDMI and Optical TOSLINK SPDIF + 3.5mm Stereo Audio Extractor Converter HDMI Audio Splitter Adapter(HDMI Input, HDMI + Digital/Analog Audio Output). This works on Zone 2 but the sound volume is very low.  The volume for Zone 2 is located in each room (a knob which you turn in order to increase the volume). My question is how do we increase the volume? I have tried increasing the volume in every room that uses zone 2 but it is still low.  I have tried turning off all speakers but one on zone 2 and it is still low. Needles to say the Yamaha AV receiver is an older model, and  it will cost a lot to upgrade. Xfinity's option is to downgrade to 1080 (non 4k digital) box. But I have two very expensive 4K TV's so it seems stupid to downgrade. Any suggestions? What to do? Xfinity will not help. I would go back to Dish which worked fine, but my new husband is a gamer so I am stuck with Xfinity. I thank you in advance for your help.   Ann
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Re: XFINITY 4K BOX AUDIO OUTPUT---zone 2--see below

Hello, baaustin! Welcome to the Xfinity Forums. This is definitely a tricky issue you've come to us with and we would love to help you try and find a solution so you can have a better audio experience. When it comes to 3rd party equipment, we always recommend contacting support for that manufacturer. Were they able to provide any additional insight into why you may be having different experiences in each zone?

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