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X1 wireless TV box, no live TV.

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X1 wireless TV box, no live TV.

I recently upgraded the wireless system in the house to an Amplifi Mesh system.  I had Comcast put our Xfinity Gateway into bridge mode, as the Amplifi system is functioning as the router.  We connected the Wireless TV box to the new Wireless SSID, using the WPS  button on the bottom, but since then, it does not show live TV. 


  • Main DVR is model PX001ANM.
  • Wireless box is PX051AEI (Xi5-P)
  • Wired (coax) box. (didn't check the model)


The main DVR can play live TV and play Netflix.  The other (third TV) box is wired with a coax cable wire, and that one also works fine.  Only the wireless box does not show live TV.  As others have described in this forum, it starts up, can display the guide, youo can change channels, but just shows a black screen once you are on the channel.  No picture or audio.


The wireless box is connected to the wireless network, as confirmed by the Amplifi app showing the connection, data transferred, WiFi frequency (5Ghz) and signal strength (90%).  Netflix and Amazon video both work fine on that box, which also confirms a proper connection to the internet.  Data streams for Netflix and Amazon average about 9Mbps, which is as expected.  Only live TV does not work.


Here is what we have done so far:

  • Restart the TV box using the menu
  • Restart the modem and router
  • Power cycled the TV by unplugging it
  • Reorient the TV box to ensure optimal wireless signal.
  • Call comcast 4 times, only to be hung up on 4 times in a row.


What are we missing?

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Re: X1 wireless TV box, no live TV.

It’s not going to work if the gateway is in bridge mode
What are the requirements to have a Wireless TV Box?
To have a Wireless TV Box in your home, you'll need Xfinity TV service, at least one additional X1 TV Box to act as the primary X1 device on your account and Xfinity Internet with an eligible Wireless Gateway (Arris XB3 TG1682G, Arris XB6 TG3482G, Cisco 3941T or Technicolor XB6 CGM4140COM) to stream video over the Xi5's WiFi connection.

Note: The Wireless TV Box will not work with customer-owned modems or Xfinity Wireless Gateways with bridge mode turned on.

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Re: X1 wireless TV box, no live TV.

Thank you for the definative answer.  Obviously, it's not what I wanted to hear, but one of the questions I specificaly asked when I called Comcast support 4 times.  I asked if the box would work with the gateway in bridge mode, and got a variety of totally off-base answers or going off to check and then being hung up on.  2.5 hours of time wasted; I should have posted here first.  So seriously, thank you.


With the Comcast Gateway, if I were to swtich it back from Bridge mode to regular (Gateway?) mode, can I enable ONLY the 5Ghz band?  I don't want the 2.4Ghz wireless stomping on the same channels that the mesh network is using.  


Also, is there an option for a DMZ IP, so that I can pass all ports through to the Amplifi router?  We have IP cameras on the property that we want to be able to access when not at home.

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Re: X1 wireless TV box, no live TV.

Update:  I found two articles on enabling DMZ and turning off 2.4GHz WiFi.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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Re: X1 wireless TV box, no live TV.

I'd consider swapping out your DVR. It's the original X1 DVR and it is known for three issues: one less tuner than the newer models, audio bugs that were never truly fixed and occasionally very loud fans.

Unless you must have component connections I would suggest you swap that box out.