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X1 cable box/DVR flashing, clicking, reboot failed


X1 cable box/DVR flashing, clicking, reboot failed

I'm not at home to give the model number, I'm sorry, but we have had this particular X1 box for a year, perhaps 18 months.  Last night the box turned off and when we tried to turn it back on it just kept flashing.  No response to touching the power button, no response to unplugging, etc.  


For the last 2 weeks our Internet and Cable have been down on and off, several outages.  But no power outages.  The Internet and cable issue had finally been fixed and then this.


We left it unplugged all night, tried again this morning and the same thing.  Constant flashing lights and a clicking sound.  No error when you turn the TV on, just a black screen.


Technical support said after we did the unplug/re-plug that there seemed to be an issue now with the signal getting to the box, though they couldn't say why.  Just baffled that this happened so suddenly.


I'm guessing only a technician will be able to sort this out, but has anyone else had this problem?  My HOPE is we simply need a new box, just not sure why this seemed to "blow" all of a sudden.  Does this sound like the box somehow got fried?  Something else?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Re: X1 cable box/DVR flashing, clicking, reboot failed

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