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X1 Stocks App - Recent News Option Does Not Work


X1 Stocks App - Recent News Option Does Not Work

When I open the X1 TV Stocks app and select Recent News for a particular stock symbol, all I can see is the title of the news article and just the first 2 lines of the content and nothing else. This has been the case since I upgraded to X1 in 2014, even after receiving new DVR’s and moving.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or is it just me?

I have had Xfinity troubleshoot it a few times but it never went anywhere, and I have never received a definitive answer as to what the issue is. I have been told that is is both a system wide glitch, but also that it is an issue with just my service.

If you can’t read the actual news article, then the Recent News feature seems to be rather pointless. Look forward to hearing other people’s experience.