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X1 Remote Support for Dynaudio?

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X1 Remote Support for Dynaudio?

Dynaudio is a fairly well known speaker manufacturer. In addition to their traditional speaker lines, they also offer a few lines of active (self powered) speakers. The amp is already installed inside of the speaker cabinet. Volume for the speakers is controlled through the Dynaudio remote. The internal speaker amps behave the same as if you had hooked a traditional pair of passive speakers to an external amp/receiver. Comcast’s X1 remote can be programmed to control the volume of many different brands of receivers/amps. My problem is I cannot program my Comcast remote to control the volume on my active Dynaudio speakers because there isn’t a pre-programmed code. However, a universal Harmony remote can be programmed to control these speakers. Is this a functionality that can be adopted with any X1 remote? Perhaps through some type of “learn” feature? I recently purchased a Harmony remote but I lose the X1 talking remote feature and the Harmony remote has a few clunky issues anyway. These Dynaudio speakers are only controlled via IR. I’ve also pasted some information from Dynaudio’s website regarding the remote codes for their remote. I’m not sure if this helps:
Dynaudio Focus XD remote codes
Power On 00
Power Off 14
Volume + 06
Volume - 04
Mute 16
Display On/Off 40
Direct In 1A
Input 1 0C
Input 2 0D
Input 3 0E
Input 4 99
A 10
B 11
C 12
Protocol: NEC
Vendor Code: 00FF
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Re: X1 Remote Support for Dynaudio?

No there isn’t a way for the remote to “learn”. Not all audio devices have codes, if you don’t have a working code, you’ll need to use multiple remotes

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