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X1 DVR Refuses to Record a New Series Program

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X1 DVR Refuses to Record a New Series Program

I had an ongoing, scheduled recording for a show (The Waltons) on the Hallmark Channel. It suddenly stopped automatically recording episodes about five days ago.


Every time I try to program it to record all episodes (new and rerun) with no limit to their number and saving all episodes, it no longer "takes." That is, none of the future episodes on the channel guide/ grid show a red dot, which would evidence they will be recorded. 


Contrary to others' experiences on this forum, I can manually record individual  future episodes by highlighting an episode on the channel grid/program guide, pressing on the red button and selecting single episode. And, that single-recorded episode will show a red dot next to it on the channel grid/program guide, just as you would expect, and the program will be recorded and stream when I want to view it.


I have tried reprogramming and rebooting my X1 numerous times, but no success. What do I do now?  The X1 reports only 27% fullm by the way.