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X1 Cloud vs hard drive and how to tell SD from HD when already recorded

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X1 Cloud vs hard drive and how to tell SD from HD when already recorded

Hi. I've chatted to reps several times and never quite gotten an answer. My Roku tells me my cloud drive is 89% full. My DVR box (X1) says 74% full.


Is the amount of recordable hours, 60HD/300SD shared between the hard drive and the cloud? I thought it would be 60/300 each but that's clearly not true because I have no where near 600 hours of mostly (if not all) SD programming saved.


Is there any way to distinguish if a show that has already recorded is in HD or SD? I feel like I do not have anywhere near 300 hours and I have done my best to weed out any older HD recordings. I have seen people post that their intentioned HD recording came out SD but I don't know how they know that. I am hoping it is not that their naked eyes can see the difference. At any rate, mine cannot, so SD works for me. I would like to discard any other HD recordings but since I cannot see file sizes or anything I cannot figure out what to discard. Is there some way to do so?


Is there an access point where we can see these things and delete say the movie that we don't need to keep or the show that wasn't that great easily and simply? I know we can do it from the box but especially when deleting several duplicates of a show (one show records three of basically the same show with variations) and it is so slow trying to delete them one at a time and scroll back and forth.


Also, I was told I could reset my X1 box and it might make the glitchy/slowness I have been experiencing in some areas better. How do I do this? Is it a simple on/off thing or something else?


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Re: X1 Cloud vs hard drive and how to tell SD from HD when already recorded

If you hit the A button on the remote it will bring up a self-help menu with a couple options for you to pick from.  There is a a restart and a system restore option you can try.  By default most recordings will be in HD unless they are only available in SD. 


I've noticed sometimes the storage % on the cloud doesn't always match up with what the box says.  You can try re-syncing the box to the cloud to see if it fixes it.  If you hit the Xfinity button on the remote then scroll over to the gear for the settings menu, select devices settings and scroll all the way to the very bottom and select the "Sync DVR" option.  It may or may not sync the usage % but it is certainly worth a try. 


Unfortunately remote management of the DVRs isn't enabled so you would have to continue to delete your recordings through the box menus.   


If after all this your box is still sluggish and having problems it would be worth your time to have someone check out your account to make sure it is receiving the proper signal levels.  A slow guide/interface on an X1 box is usually a good indicator that there is a signal problem.

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Re: X1 Cloud vs hard drive and how to tell SD from HD when already recorded

The percentages are different as they are 2 different measurements. Your physical DVR measures hard drive space, cloud DVR measures time out of 60 hours

Re: X1 Cloud vs hard drive and how to tell SD from HD when already recorded


with the change to mpeg4 encoding of channels (except local broadcast channels which are natively in mpeg2) there is almost no difference between an hour of SD and and hour of HD. SD is in the less efficient mpeg2 format. like the Official Employee noted the percentage of the home DVR is current space used by recordings) divided by total space available for recording times 100. The Cloud DVR is based on hours compared to the maximum 60 hours available per cloud DVR.