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What happened to my scheduled recordings?


What happened to my scheduled recordings?

Something turned off all of the scheduled series recordings on my X1 box sometime late last week  My last scheduled program recorded on 3/10, but programs scheduled for 3/15 and tonight didn't record.  I only noticed it when I went to watch those programs that should have recorded, and nothing was there.


Weirder still, I edited one of my scheduled programs using the Xfinity TV website -- and all of a sudden, ALL of them are now scheduled again.  I hope it lasts... fortunately, all the stuff I record is also available on demand so I can catch up, but I kind of prefer the DVR recording because I can skip commercials. 🙂


Anyway, I'm posting this more so Xfinity knows about it - something went wrong, and odds are that I'm unlikely to be the only person affected.