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Voice Voting on Xfinity X1


Voice Voting on Xfinity X1

***UPDATED: 11/16/2018***
On Xfinity X1, you can vote for The Voice on NBC using your remote.


Access The Voice Voting on X1

To access The Voice Voting on X1, you can do any of the following during the live linear broadcast of The Voice:
  • Say "Vote for The Voice" into your X1 Voice Remote.
  • Tune to the channel airing The Voice. When "The Voice Vote" pop-up messaging appears, select Info.
    The Voice Vote pop-up message and info button is on the right side of the screen 
  • Tune to the channel airing The Voice, then press Info on your X1 remote. On the menu that appears, select Vote.
    Info screen with the vote button as the second option


Vote for The Voice

After navigating to The Voice Voting, the following screen will appear:
The Voice Voting screen with contestants on the right
To vote, simply use the arrow buttons on your remote to select your favorite contestant, then select Confirm to cast your vote. You may vote up to 10 times for each contestant.
Voting screen with option to Confirm or Cancel on right
The total number of votes you have cast will be reflected in the confirmation screen and the voting grid.
X1 Voting screen confirms vote is cast.
Voting screen displays number of votes cast on contestant tile.
**Note**: You will not be able to cast votes while accessing The Voice via DVR or On Demand.




Error XRE-04001 appears on the screen
Error XRE-04002 appears on the screen
If the above errors occur, try the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Press Exit on the remote to return to full screen video.
  2. Press Info to bring up The Voice mini-info screen.
  3. If the Vote button is present, select it.
  4. If the Vote button is not present, retune to the station by going up a channel then back. Press Info on your remote to see if the Vote button appears.
  5. If the issue persists, remind the customer that they can still vote online at
If you attempt to use the "Vote for the Voice" voice command while The Voice is not airing, the following message will appear:
Message saying
You are only able to cast your vote on X1 while The Voice is airing live. In the meantime, you can visit to cast your vote, even after the live airing of the show has ended.

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