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User Control

Isn't customization the essence of good customer support?  Why doesn't Comcast give users more control?  Here are several examples:


1.  Closed captioning: The B button goes to CC -- why not make it a toggle or at least allow users to set it up that way?

2.  Guide: Where's the hide channels function?  Setting favorites is similar but not the same.

3.  Where's the DVR button?  There should be a single button that goes directly to a list of recordings.  Since there isn't, why not let users set a button to do so?

4.  How about more control over appearance?  For example, the guide uses too much graphics -- I'd like to see more shows listed, channel numbers easier to read, and a simple way of telling which stations are HD.

5.  Why not enable external hard drives?  The 500gb hard drive is the smallest in the industry.