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Tri/Diplexing and Combining with TV and Internet

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Tri/Diplexing and Combining with TV and Internet

I live alone and have one HDTV and one really old tube style tv in my bed room.  I currently have directv and comcast itnernet.  I went to my home splitter and connected the line to the room with my cable modem directly to the incoming comcast line.  The directv line goes directly to my box.  I use the RCA outputs to goto an RF modulator and hook that to the wall which I connected to the source input of the splitter so I can watch the current channel on my box on my old tv in my bedroom.


I am thinking of switching to all comcast (TV and internet).  In this case, I'd have to change the cabling back to have the comcast go into th source of the splitter, and go out to every room.  By doing this, I now lose my connection up to my bedroom.


I wonder if I am able to use a diplexer/combiner to use the same line to feed the RF modulator output back in using the comcast cabling to go out to my bedroom.


The RF modulator wants to be on channel 3 or 4.  but I dont know what frequencies comcast is using.

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Re: Tri/Diplexing and Combining with TV and Internet

What X1 equipment do you have and what’s in the bedroom?

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Re: Tri/Diplexing and Combining with TV and Internet

I have a cable modem now in another room. 

I am considering signing up for TV service through comcast.

Currently I am using directv.  I am using the RCA output from the box to feed to a RF modulator (which modulates to ch 3 or 4).  That connects up to my bedroom to an old non-HD tv.  It is connected through the cable jack in the room with my HD tv.  All the cable jacks in my house feed down to a central splitter.  I connected the line from the room with my HDTV to the line that goes to my bedroom.


If I go with TV service through comcast, would put the box in the room with my HDTV.  I would have to restore the original connections at my splitter (comcast to splitter source, outputs going to each room).  This breaks the connection between my RF splitter in the room where my HDTV is and my bedroom since the jack is now used for the xfinity box.  I would like to know if I can use a diplexer to mix the signal from my RF modulator into the cable line and pull it out in my bedroom.  This ofcourse would not work if xfinity's frequencies overlap.