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The People's Choice Awards Voting on Xfinity X1


The People's Choice Awards Voting on Xfinity X1

On Xfinity X1, you can vote for the People's Choice Awards on NBC using your remote between September 24 and October 19, 2018.
There are two ways to access People’s Choice Awards Voting on X1: By voting during a live linear broadcast of E! News, Daily Pop or an enabled movie, or by using voice commands.

Voting During a Live Linear Broadcast

Tune to a live linear broadcast of E! News (weeknights at 7:00 PM local time), Daily Pop (weekdays at 12:00 PM ET/9:00 AM PT) or an enabled movie (indicated by a People’s Choice Awards pop-up).
People's Choice Awards pop up message on top right of screen.
If a “Vote for E! People's Choice Awards” notification appears, you can press Info on your remote to display the voting panel. To vote, simply use the arrow buttons on your remote to select your favorite program, then select Confirm to cast your vote. You may vote up to ten times for each program.
People's Choice Award screen shows on right with options for your favorite program
People's Choice Award Confirm option on bottom right.
 People's Choice Award voting confirmation on bottom right.
If you do not see a “Vote for the E! People’s Choice Awards” notification:
  1. Press Info on your remote.
  2. On the menu that appears, select Vote.
  3. Select Vote to launch the voting panel and cast your vote.

Vote with Voice Commands

You can simply say “Vote for the People’s Choice Awards” into your X1 Voice Remote at any time, then select Vote for People’s Choice Awards when prompted to cast your vote.
Cast Your Vote for People's Choice Awards app appears highlighted on left

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