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RDK-03036 error still occurring

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RDK-03036 error still occurring

I had the RDK-03036 error code on and off since I started using Xfinity 8 months ago. I would call and it would eventually be fixed through their re-boot/system refreshing. It would happen on average once a month. I complained that I shouldn't have to constantly do this and that the problem should be fixed or I should be discounted. Xfinity finally sent someone to look at it and replace the cable box that was having this error. He checked all the cable lines and said it must be the box. The box was replaced and everything seemed to be working fine. Two days later and the same RDK-03036 error is showing up on the TV with the new cable box.

I want the issue fixed, or to be able to leave my current contract. To say I'm unhappy with Xfinity would be an understatement, looks like its back to Fios asap

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Re: RDK-03036 error still occurring

Have another tech out, it won’t be fixed remotely

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