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Purchased programs

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Purchased programs

If I have purchased movies and have to close my account because we are moving to a non Comcast area, how do I take them with me?


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Re: Purchased programs

Viewing purchased titles on your TV requires a subscription to XFINITY TV service with access to XFINITY On Demand. If you disconnect all of your XFINITY services, you can continue to watch purchased titles using the XFINITY TV portal ( and mobile app.

You will need your primary XFINITY username and password to access your purchases online or to add a mobile device (secondary XFINITY usernames will no longer work).

If you previously enabled Parental Controls, you will need to set them up again after you log in the first time after your disconnection.
If you have forgotten your primary XFINITY username, you can look it up by entering your Comcast account number and street address or phone number or by using the last four digits of your Social Security Number at
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by entering your primary XFINITY username and following the steps provided at this link: