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Power saver

Since the latest update on the X1, what is the time frame for the box to automatically power down without activity??

I turn the TV off in the bedroom leave and come back hours later and the blue light is still on. Meaning the DVR is still powered up 3 or 4 hours later. The tv is still off.
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Re: Power saver

I've had this same problem for a few weeks as well. I tried to talk to customer service and explain the issue but I just get responses like "it doesn't shut off your TV just the cable" or the "these are the steps to turn it on". I know these things, I was using power saver before whatever update they decided to do but that apparently never seems to matter. They still haven't addressed my questions of "why it is not functioning on my second box if it's selected" and "why can you no longer select the time interval for when power saver mode becomes active".