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Im trying to get on the app pandora from my tv but its not working out.

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Re: Pandora

If you getn1009 error log out on the website and log back in

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Re: Pandora

@huittewalker wrote:

Im trying to get on the app pandora from my tv but its not working out.

Hi, Huittewalker.  Sorry you are running into issues setting up pandora.  Below are some tips that I hope will help in setting up pandora and other apps.   
Sign in to using your Comcast ID. If you have multiple users in the home, each can sign in separately with their own account information. You can retrieve your account information at

From the XFINITY Web Portal, you can:

• Connect your Facebook, Twitter and Pandora accounts to your XFINITY service.

• Specify your privacy settings. For each of the listed applications, you can indicate whether you want XFINITY to require a PIN to access. (See “About Your PIN” below.)

• Enable Sharing. Sharing allows you to post preformatted opinion messages about the content you’re watching to your Facebook or Twitter account.

About Your PIN

Your PIN is the first four characters of your password. It is entered using the number keypad on your remote control.

For example, if your password is “Football,” then you enter FOOT, or 3668, on the keypad. Note that special characters such as underscore (_ ) and hyphen (-) are represented with the number zero.

Enabling your PIN prevents other people from accessing your personal online accounts, such as Twitter, Pandora and Facebook.

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Re: Pandora

When I sign in, click on Already Have It on the X1 welcome page, and  go to the Customize Your Experience page and click on  TV App Settings I get a big red error message across the top of the screen

Applications are currently unavailable

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Re: Pandora

It probably means they are doing some sort of maintenance on the back-end servers or the web site itself. Try back in an hour or so.  


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Re: Pandora and other internet apps

I got X1 installed a week ago. Since then, I've spoken to Xfininty reps no less than five time, not counting the times I was cut off, and still no resolution. I cannot go through the initial online set up process to access the internet apps on my TV (Pandora, FaceBook). Nor can I program my DVR through my iPad. When I go to the website, I get the error message, "Applications are unavailable at this time. Please try again." Supposedly, someone is calling on Monday (day ten) to resolve this issue, but I have no confidence whatsoever. Seriously, what is the problem? And, every single time I have to call back, I have to slog through the annoying, seemingly endless process to finally get to talk with an actual person who takes me through the same algorithms they have to follow, every single time. There should be a separate X1 set up hotline for this. I'm unbelievably frustrated by the lack of direct customer service. Please help me find an actual resolution to this issue. I can't believe I pay all of this money for shoddy service.

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Re: Pandora and other internet apps

It would appear that your X1 DVR is having problems communicating with Comcast's servers.  That suggests that signal parameters are not within acceptable ranges.  You can check the signal parameters yourself as follows:


To check your X1 DVR signal levels, press and hold the EXIT button for about 5 seconds, press the Down arrow twice and press 2.  You should see the MAIN MENU.  Keep trying if you don't.


Now press the down arrow twice to get to System and the right arrow four times to get to page 5.  Record the following:


                                               Acceptable Range

Downstream Rcvd Power:     -8 to +8 dBm

Downstream SNR:                 Above 35

Upstream Power:                   35 to 51


Call Comcast for a service call if any of the above parameters is out-of-spec.