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I recently moved and had comcast set up their new universal modem as well as the new small dvr boxes on 2 uhd TVs. One of them is a brand new just out of the box sony x850f, the other is a samsung. I've read another post about the same issue but couldn't add into that topic board. The TVs work great but the resolution I'm getting for HD channels is blurry/sd especially for sports. Netflix, amazon etc all come in with perfect picture quality. I had the Samsung in my last place and comcast for years and everything worked great. I just bought this giant tv and now I cant fully enjoy it. I read in other posts that I need to go to settings on the dvr and choose the "best quality" which I did and nothing helped. I had a 2nd technician out today and he couldn't help. I dont want to switch services so someone PLEASE help. I'm happy to send pictures of the serials #'s on my boxes and modem if that helps. Thank you


Have you read the other long post covering this very subject?

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