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New icon/indicator on many X1 screens?

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New icon/indicator on many X1 screens?

Started seeing a new indicator on many of my X1 screens(XG1v3) but unsure of what it is indicating.   Initially thought it was low battery in remote but that was not it.  Also thought it might be indicating a low signal level but checking the levels on the X1 box appear okay as well.

DVR content percentage?


See below indicated by the yellow arrow.


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Re: New icon/indicator on many X1 screens?

That might be the remote power level.

Image result for x1 remote power level

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Re: New icon/indicator on many X1 screens?

Unfortunately not the battery indicator.   Looks like it IS a bad signal indicator.  I was looking at the wrong page on the X1 Diagnostic screen.   I do have some low signals at my X1 box although things appear to be fairly normal.


I do have some signal level issues at my modem(which are not causing an issue there) as well which I am trying to run down.