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Let me DISABLE the stupid sports ticker!!!

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Let me DISABLE the stupid sports ticker!!!

So, I'm a sports fan with an X1 DVR box.  So guess what I sometimes do with my DVR?  I RECORD GAMES SO I CAN WATCH THEM LATER.  Guess what completely freakin' RUINS the enjoyment of watching a game later?  If you see/hear the score before you can watch the recording. So over the years I've learned how not to accidentally see a score.  I don't talk to friends who like sports, I don't turn on ESPN, I don't pull up websites likely to list scores, and even leave my own cable box on Animal Planet by default.  (AP never mention sports scores.)  Guess what I CAN'T control???  The stupid news and sports info/ticker thing that comes up when I pause a recording on my X1 DVR.  I've done my best since I got X1 to NOT look at the danged thing.  But just now, and sadly not for the first time, it's completely ruined what I was sitting down to watch.  I'd just started watching a game I recorded yesterday, then I paused the DVR to go grab a something to eat. Then I walked back in the room and grabbed the remote. . . and in the briefest 1/4 second glance at the screen I SAW who won on the stupid ticker!  I'm SO ANGRY at the people at Comcast who put ZERO thought into this.  So Comcast, just in case I haven't made myself clear thus far, I NEED THE ABILITY TO DISABLE THE NEWS/INFO DISPLAY THAT COMES UP WHEN YOU A RECORDING IS PAUSED on XFINITY X1, OR AT LEAST I SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHOOSE THE CONTENT THAT'S DISPLAYED.  I just went through every setting in the box, again, and I see no way to turn the stupid thing OFF. 


Re: Let me DISABLE the stupid sports ticker!!!

Does turning off Notifications fix this?  I have never seen what you describe.