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HDMI handshake


HDMI handshake

Having recurring issues with the handshake between the X1 4k Xi4 box and my new LG OLED 77 C9. Sometimes, instead of connecting, i get a computer blue screen of death. This can be corrected (so far) by restarting the STB through the Xfinity my account app. But it recurs, even after switching the box, hdmi cable, and hdmi connection on TV.

Xfinity tech support is stymied and blames it on the LG display. I have started using the LG xfinity stream beta app as a work-around when the STB won't complete the handshake.

Am i the only one seeing this behavior?

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Re: HDMI handshake

It has been reported as a problem with a few types of TVs and probably is related to the sleep/low power modes of the devices keeping one or the other from responding in time.   If disconnecting/reconnecting the HDMI cable makes it work, that is probably what is happening and you might be able to fix it by turning off the low power/sleep mode in one or both devices.